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How to get traffic to your new website?


Your new website is now ready – it’s beautiful, easy to use, mobile ready and has a lot of fantastic features. But how can you get traffic to your new website? Search Engine Optimisation –

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Do you know what customers want? Information, speed and experience


Does it ever happened you’re looking for a product, you find the right online store but you can’t decide? The next step is to get in touch with the shop. As a shop owner you

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Top 3 Strategies to Boost Your E-commerce


Your ecommerce store is critical to broadening your brand and increasing your reach. Original Post

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Migration from Magento 1 to PrestaShop with MigrationPro


Migration is painful and waste of time? NO! It’s a step forward! Magento 1.x will end of it’s life and June 2020. It’s is very important to plan your old webshop to migrate Magento 2

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Trends that drive conversion rate optimization


Do you know that most of the companies even with heavy traffic fail to increase their conversion rate & not able to create a ROI to be in the game? Original Post

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Why the search engine in your web shop is important


Most web shops have an internal search engine. A search engine is useful for your visitors, so they have the option of quickly finding the products they are looking for. Original Post

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The significance of your webdesign for your SEO


Many have the misconception that SEO is just about having the right search words in the texts on your website. Original Post

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What are the differences between migration, updating and upgrading?


When managing software as comprehensive as PrestaShop, knowing the differences between migration, update and upgrade concepts is essential. Original Post

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5 key elements for managing your after-sales service


The service you provide to your customers reflects on your company. Original Post

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5 Tips to Reduce Checkout Friction


You’ve put in the legwork: developed an optimal storefront, perfected the product, established a price that fits into market demand and set up online payment. Original Post

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