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Magento Commerce 2.4 and Two Factor Authentication


MAGENTO COMMERCE 2.4 RELEASE DATE On Tuesday, July 28, Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Open Source 2.4 will be released with General Availability. This release will include important updates to security, quality, and platform technologies

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How to get traffic to your new website?


Your new website is now ready – it’s beautiful, easy to use, mobile ready and has a lot of fantastic features. But how can you get traffic to your new website? Search Engine Optimisation –

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Do you know what customers want? Information, speed and experience


Does it ever happened you’re looking for a product, you find the right online store but you can’t decide? The next step is to get in touch with the shop. As a shop owner you

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Xmas Holiday 2019


This year was a very special year for ITDWX – 2019 is the year when we were born as a company! Walking through 2019 we made new relationships, happy customers and couple of new websites.

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WordPress theme – how to select the best for you


Choosing the right theme is obviously important — the right one should give your content pizzazz, keeping it responsive across devices, while also loading in the blink of an eye. Yet with so many themes

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WordPress 5.3 RC2


The second release candidate for WordPress 5.3 is now available! WordPress 5.3 is currently scheduled to be released on November 12 2019, but we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.3 yet, now is the

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PHP update fixes arbitrary code execution flaw, 9 other bugs – SC Magazine


PHP update fixes arbitrary code execution flaw, 9 other bugs  SC Magazine Original Post

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First Look at PHP 7.4 for WordPress Developers – WP Tavern


PHP 7.4, the next PHP 7 minor release, is expected to be released to the General Availability on November 28th, 2019. So it’s time for us to dive into some of the most exciting additions

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GitHub security alerts now support PHP projects – ZDNet


GitHub security alerts now support PHP projects  ZDNet Original Post

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Top 3 Strategies to Boost Your E-commerce


Your ecommerce store is critical to broadening your brand and increasing your reach. Original Post

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