How to get traffic to your new website?


How to get traffic to your new website?


Your new website is now ready – it’s beautiful, easy to use, mobile ready and has a lot of fantastic features. But how can you get traffic to your new website?

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the complex process when you configure your content and design of your website to improve the rank in search results (SERP).


Improving your website’s SEO is the best get organic search traffic

Higher rank in Google means that more potential customers and partners will arrive to your website when searching for relevant keywords and search terms. This makes SEO is the most important task to increasing traffic to your website.

Social Media

If you’re new in social media (Facebook and Instagram for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B) you can start with sharing a simple post with your friends and connections – but forget the “Our new website is live now” sentence… first of all it could generate a temporary traffic but it’s not generate engagements.

Social Media

Social Media helping you to get in touch with your engaged customers

The best tactics should be:

  • write more about new features (e.g.: Book online, Free delivery, More products available)
  • be user-centric (e.g.: “You’ve asked – we did it”)
  • use hashtags – so many people subscribed hashtags and get notified new posts


If you already have mailing list – collection email addresses of your customers subscribed via offline or online – and you send updates periodically it’s high time to notify them about your new website. Basic rules are the same as social media: write about new features, be user centric and you can offer limited discounts or special products/services/bundles customers arriving from an email campaign (e.g.: Only available from this email).

You must be very careful how to collect and store personal data like email address and name because of GDPR


Launching a new or refurbished website is a big step forward in your online presence for your brand – but is only half the battle.

ITDWX can help you to build, rebuild and upgrade your existing website, help you to open your first online store and assist you to get more new customers and visitors.

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