WordPress theme – how to select the best for you

WordPress theme – how to select the best for you


Choosing the right theme is obviously important — the right one should give your content pizzazz, keeping it responsive across devices, while also loading in the blink of an eye. Yet with so many themes in the pool, it can be a rather daunting task to pick the best one possible.

Before buying a theme, or investing your time and money to customise one, read the following article about selecting the perfect WordPress theme for you website.

Before selecting a theme, it’s absolutely important to determine which features are essential and which you can live without.

The WordPress.org website’s Feature Filter makes it super easy to customise your search for free themes based on specific features you want, like being translation ready and allowing for a flexible header. It’s important to have the design in mind before making a selection. For instance, you should be prepared to know if you want your site to have one column or multiple columns.

A feature-rich theme might be nice, but it can severely affect site performance. Be sure to restrain yourself against installing every feature you think is cool.

Responsive design simply means making your site ultra-easy to use—not just on a laptop, but on multiple devices. This means that it’s compatible with mobile and has menus and other widgets that are easy to navigate. An example of a responsive theme would be one that can easily translate on a mobile device without any issues.

Premium themes are dynamic, typically offering more features than free ones, which can help you stand apart from the crowd.

If your budget is higher you can hire a UI/UX designer and web developer company (like ITDWX) to build your own custom theme

Article based on https://wpengine.co.uk/blog/dos-donts-wordpress-theme/

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