Magento vs PrestaShop – what is better for you business

Magento vs PrestaShop – what is better for you business


When you decided to open an online store for your small business first you need ask some questions:

  • how many products I have
  • where are my customers live
  • how can I deliver products
  • how can I accept payments

If you don’t have experience in eCommerce it’s better to hire an expert: ITDWX can help you to build your online store from the beginning, select the best platform and help you to make the first steps.


PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative eCommerce platform hundreds features to help you to create your online store and start growing your business.

I suggest to choose PrestaShop if:

  • you need a fast and easy configurable store
  • you want to manage and control everything
  • you have special requirements (custom modules)

We offer the following services for PrestaShop:

  • find the right hosting service or VPS (depends on your business type)
  • install and set up your store
  • install and set up custom modules
  • install and set up or modify your selected custom template
  • develop module based on your unique requirements
  • manage your store (monthly fee) or teach you how to do this (one time fee)
  • continuously update and install security updates to keep your webshop safe and fast


Magento is a robust eCommerce platform developing by Adobe. More than 1000 plugins and several free and paid templates available. 

I suggest to choose Magento if:

  • you have more than 500 products
  • you need custom features
  • you want to integrate your online store with third party – like your CRM, marketplaces
  • you need a dedicated hosting in a VPS or cloud hosting

We can offer you the following services for Magento:

  • find the right hosting service
  • install and maintain your store
  • install and set up your custom design
  • install and set up custom modules and integrations
  • manage your store (for monthly fee)

Ask our experts if you have any question!

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