First steps to get visible online


First steps to get visible online


Your business online visibility

First of all – congratulation! You’re a brave person to started your own business. 

You registered yourself/your business with HRMC, opened a business account and you have an accountant. What’s the next step? Get (more) customers.

There are many ways to get new customers:

  • advertise (should be expensive)
  • send email campaign (should be annoying and expensive)
  • use social media
  • have your own website/webshop
  • register your business in Google Maps

How to use social media to get more customers

  • You can create a page for your business on Facebook, and invite friends to like it. 
  • Ask your friends to share your page to get more followers.
  • Post regular updates (e.g. sales, new product, articles)
  • Boosts your post (you must paid for this)

How to have a website

  • Hire a web developer (or agency/company)
  • Plan your design and logo (or ask a professional/agency)
  • Plan your online “face” – what you want to show about yourself
  • Write contents relevant to your business
  • You can have a online store to boosts your sales
  • Connect your social media pages to your website

Do you need a website?

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